Top 5 powerful questions ISVs can ask customers about cloud marketplaces

cloud marketplaces questions

ISV’s top 5 Cloud Marketplaces Questions

As an ISV, there will be several instances when you interact and converse with your existing or potential customers about the cloud marketplaces. To ensure maximum efficacy, you need to ensure that you are able to create value from each conversation for your business as well as for the customer. However, a sales pitch for each conversation can be monotonous. Simply selling your SaaS solution every time may not be the best way to engage your customers.  Thus, it is ideal to engage in a dialogue and learn more about the perceptions of your customers about the cloud marketplaces. Asking the right questions can help you tailor fit your sales pitch in a way that can create maximum impact. Through this article, we will share the top 5 questions you should ask your customers about cloud marketplaces and the next steps to capitalize on the insights derived.  

Learn about cloud marketplaces from a customer lens 

While you may have cloud marketplace experts in your team to create the right strategy, it is very important to understand about the cloud marketplaces from a customer lens. Most of your insights and intel will focus on a seller perspective of how you can market, service and sell your SaaS product in the best way possible. However, if you turn the table, you will be able to understand cloud marketplaces as customers see them, which can help you sell the way they want to buy. For a detailed understanding, you need to ask the right questions.  

Top 5 Cloud Marketplaces questions that ISVs can ask 

Here are the top 5 cloud marketplaces questions that you can ask your customers to understand their view on the cloud marketplaces and build your strategy accordingly. 

1. Which is your preferred cloud provider? 

You need to start by understanding which is their preferred cloud provider. Today, there are three major cloud providers, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, through which you can sell your solutions in the cloud. However, chances are your customers have more affinity towards one over others. They may be conducting a major part of their business over the said cloud provider. Thus, start by gauging which cloud provider they prefer and why. The latter part is important to understand if there are specific benefits for a particular industry that a specific provider offers. This way, you can gauge insights on which cloud providers to target primarily.

2. Who owns the cloud relationships/ transactions in your organization? 

Next, you need to identify the right person in your customer organization to interact and build a relationship with. If it is cold lead, or an extended connection, you may not directly be in touch with the person who drives or influences decision making for cloud related matters. While it is good to have more than one advocate in any organization, connecting with the right stakeholders can help move the needle.  Knowledge about who owns cloud relationships can enable you to engage with the right person who will have a clear understanding of the business priorities and objectives. Through a series of conversations, this person will be able to give you a fair picture of whether the engagement will lead to mutual benefit or not.  

3. Do you face challenges in SaaS solution procurement and billing? 

Once you get in touch with the owner of cloud decisions for your potential customers, you need to identify the pain points they face as a business. One of the major reasons that customers move to the cloud marketplaces is to address the challenges of procurement and billing of SaaS solutions. Once they are on the cloud marketplaces, they can procure all solutions from a single platform where the cloud provider helps facilitate seamless billing as well.  If they are facing challenges of due diligence and long processes of procurement, cloud marketplaces may be the best solution, making them an ideal customer for them. Thus, you need to inquire to gauge if their key pain points reflect cloud marketplaces as a potential solution.  

4. What are your projected cloud budgets? 

If you want to establish a thriving presence in the cloud marketplaces, you need to gauge whether or not a customer has some projected budgets for the cloud. There are several aspects at play here. First, you need to understand if they have allocated budgets already or if that is an immediate priority or not. Companies for which cloud budget allocation is not an immediate priority may not be evaluating cloud marketplaces as a channel to buy SaaS solutions. Second, you need to get an understanding of the future as well. For sustainable partnerships, you need to have customers which already predict an increase in their budgetary allocations towards cloud marketplaces.  Questions around the cloud budgetary allocations will help you understand whether or not the customer will be sustainable and scalable overtime.

5. Do you have any pre-committed spend? 

Finally, many organizations already have pre-committed spends with certain cloud providers which they may want to utilize by buying your SaaS solution from the cloud marketplaces. Knowledge of these pre-committed spends can help you capitalize on these already allocated budgets, leading to shorter deal times, long-term contracts and much more.  Once you know more about the volume and quantum of the pre-committed spends that you can access, you can easily create private offers to suit them and facilitate a customer pull.  

Capitalize the cloud marketplaces insights with SaaSify

Answers to the questions mentioned above can help you effectively gauge customer sentiments about the cloud marketplaces and create a winning strategy to increase sales. These insights along with SaaSify’s Cloud GTM Advisory can help you: 
  • Compare different cloud marketplaces and identify the demand for each 
  • Understand which cloud marketplaces are preferred by which industry and adapt your business strategy accordingly 
  • Gauge the available and future budgetary trends to understand financial viability for your SaaS solution in the cloud marketplaces 
  • Understand the pain points for customers and create a pitch on how the cloud marketplaces are an effective solution
  • Get an overview of the pre-committed spends you can capitalize on 

Get started on the cloud marketplaces with SaaSify 

Once you have a firm understanding of what your customers are looking for in the cloud marketplaces, it is time for you to build a thriving presence. However, with quite a few technical and operational tasks to take care of, you may feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Fortunately, we are here to do the heavy lifting for you. SaaSify is a one-of-its-kind solution built for ISVs to manage AWS marketplace product offerings with a single integrated solution. It is a zero-engineering platform to go to market within days and start selling instantly. With SaaSify, you can: 
  • Generate revenue at speed by taking your software to the marketplace within a week
  • Create your brand experience and host your offers on a custom domain name with your own brand logo to boost brand visibility
  • Ensure hassle-free customer service by managing all your potential and existing customers from one dashboard with seamless communication, customized quotations, expert support and technical guidance
  • Customize public & private offers to sell as your buyers want to buy by integrating custom subscription offers across different usage meters
  • Create and approve private offers enabled by SaaSify experts with a single click 
Book a demo today with our marketplace experts to know more about cloud marketplaces and the opportunities that are in store for you. 

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