14 steps to publish private offers in AWS Marketplace for success

publish private offers in aws marketplace
14 Steps to Publish Private Offers in AWS Marketplace
In one of our recent articles, we discussed how you can start your journey as an ISV in the AWS Marketplace. It commences with registering on the AWS partner portal. Now that you have registered yourself, and have taken care of all the legal and technical requirements, it’s time for you to start publishing offers and selling your SaaS solution to the customers. In the AWS marketplace, you can publish two types of offers, public and private. While public offers are visible to all customers in the marketplace, private offers as the name suggests are private in nature and only specific customers who you wish to offer have their visibility. Through this article, we seek to help you to understand how you can successfully publish your private offers in the AWS Marketplace and skyrocket your SaaS revenue. 

Everything you need to know about private offers 

Let’s quickly start by understanding what private offers mean for the AWS Marketplace. Put simply, the AWS marketplace enables customers and sellers to negotiate the prices of SaaS solutions and end user licensing agreement terms in a private space where a custom offer can be extended to the customers. 

Points to ponder before making the private offer

The private offers can be made from your AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), which we will talk about in detail in the next section. Here are a few important points that you must keep in mind before you start creating the private offers in the AWS marketplace: 
  • You will require the AWS account ID (s) for the buyer (s) you are creating the offer for
  • Once your offer is created, you will receive a unique ID and URL which you can share
  • The private offer will not be intimated to your buyer by AMMP. You can either share the URL generated, or when the buyer reaches your product page, a banner reflecting the availability of a private offer will be visible
  • You can extend a particular private offer to up to 25 accounts
  • The private offer will not be visible to the buyer, unless you extend it to their AWS account ID
  • The offer accepted by the buyer becomes an agreement
  • You can always offer upgrades and renewals on the terms of your private offer agreement terms 
While these are some generic conditions for all products, there are some specific points that apply to SaaS products and solutions that you should be aware of: 
  • You cannot change pricing for a particular tier (contract level) based on timing
  • Your customers can manually upgrade to the next level at any time
  • Your private offer can be continued for the duration as per the public listing or can be customized for up to 60 months 

How to submit/ publish private offer in the AWS marketplace 

Creating a private offer in the AWS marketplace can be seamless if you know the AWS partner portal and are confident of what you wish to offer. Here is a stepwise process to achieve the same: 
  • Sign in to AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP) and navigate to offers 
  • Click on the manage private option page and navigate to create an offer section 
  • Once you reach the create an offer page, select the product you wish to make the private offer for from the dropdown menu.  
  • Enter the AWS account ID (s) of the buyer you want to extend the offer to 
  • Based on your negotiation with the buyer, click on Allow buyers to pay for this product in installments, if it is applicable
  • Verify the information and click on next
  • You will reach create an offer page, verify the product name and buyer AWS ID (s)
  • Choose the contract duration you wish the private offer to be in force for:
  1. For the AMI hourly or the AMI annual pricing model, the maximum duration can be up to 1,095 days
  2. For the SaaS contract pricing model, AMI contract pricing model, or container contract pricing model, the duration can be for up to 60 months
  • Next you have to put the pricing information in the input price offer. Add the negotiated price. In case of installments, add the per unit price along with the duration
  • As a part of the agreement terms, you can either select an end user licensing agreement available or upload your PDF file
  • Under the offer expiration and acceptance date, clearly mention the offer validity in number of days post which the pricing and terms will revert to the public offering
  • For the acceptance date, mention by when the buyer needs to accept the offer by, post which it will return to the public offer pricing and terms
  • Review your offer form the designated page
  • If you are happy and content with the private offer for AWS marketplace, click on extend offer. In case you wish to make any changes, click on edit offer and make the requisite changes 
Once you have extended the offer, it will be visible in your Manage Private Offers page within 45 minutes and you can check the same for your reference. Make sure your customer accepts the offer before the expiration date, else you will have to re-create the private offer in the AWS marketplace.  

Create private offers in the AWS marketplace with SaaSify 

As an ISV, we understand there can be several competing priorities to run your business. Creating and publishing private offers can be difficult amidst the same. Fortunately, as a SaaS enablement platform, SaaSify can help you take this burden off your shoulders. While there are several steps involved in creating private offers in AWS marketplace following a DIY approach, SaaSify streamlines the entire process for you. Your sales team no longer has to spend hours learning new platforms and toggling between AWS marketplace and your Salesforce CRM. With SaaSify Salesforce Application, you can automate this entire process, without leaving Salesforce’s system of record, which your team is familiar with. Creating private offers becomes seamless with SaaSify as it enables ISVs to:
  • Seamlessly convert opportunities into private offers for AWS, Azure and GCP marketplaces
  • Automate private offers for both direct customers and channel partners to scale marketplace sales with reduced overheads
  • Get real time visibility on status of each opportunity and manage the entire lifecycle of CMP sales within Salesforce to optimize customer engagement and secure higher deals
As large enterprises prefer personalized private offers with customized pricing and terms of engagement, SaaSify empowers ISVs to leverage this unique opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with such enterprise clients. It makes managing these private offers seamless by countering traditionally required the use of separate portals, with added complexity and a steep learning curve for sellers. SaaSify has addressed these concerns through its Salesforce App, designed to consolidate all aspects of private offer management within Salesforce’s familiar interface. This solution drastically simplifies the process, allowing ISVs to convert Salesforce opportunities into private offers for leading cloud marketplaces in a few clicks.Book a demo today to learn how SaaSify’s Salesforce Application is built to make life easier for sellers, providing a one-stop solution for automating private offer creation for both direct customers and channel partners. Close multi-million dollar deals with enterprise customers in a streamlined and efficient manner, all from within the Salesforce ecosystem they already know.

Maximize your Cloud ROI with SaaSify

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