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Unlimited Possibilities

Generate Revenue At 🚀 Speed

More and more enterprises are choosing Cloud Marketplaces for their software needs which makes them an integral business growth channel for B2B software providers. With SaaSify’s innovative features you can accelerate your revenue generation in a matter of days.

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Create Your Brand Experience

SaaSify is a white-labeled solution that allows you to host your offers on a custom domain name with your own brand logo and user experience. Our platform also offers tailor-made email templates that enrich the buying experience for your customers and boost your brand visibility.

Hassle-Free Customer Management

SaaSify lets you manage all your potential and existing customers from one dashboard. Communicate with clients, provide customized quotations, offer expert support and technical guidance without any back and forth — making it a pleasant buying and selling experience.

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Customize Your Public & Private Offers

Sell as your buyers want to buy. SaaSify caters to your specific selling requirements by integrating custom subscription offers across different usage meters — be it hourly or monthly or any other way you prefer to bill your customers.

Create Your Brand
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Get Ahead With Smart Analytics And Reporting

Leverage data to enhance efficacy, plan better strategies and accelerate your business. SaaSify’s in-built data tracking helps you keep an eye on every move, every sale and every dollar you generate so that you can analyze customer behavior and make better business decisions.

Advanced Integrations For Better

Advanced Integrations For Better Advancement

Supercharge your marketplace growth by integrating connectors like Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Slack and others to your marketplace dashboard. Track your progress, retain more customers, implement better marketing methodologies, build credibility and work efficiently — all via SaaSify!


Scott Smith

“SaaSify supported Willow in making our WillowTwin solution commercially transactable in Azure Marketplace. We found the team extremely responsive and supportive, ensuring actions were followed up and commitments were met on time.”

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