Fastrack GCP Marketplace sales with SaaSify 

List, Transact and Grow your SaaS Apps. Expand your customer base and capture GCP Consumption Commitment. Leverage GTM solution on GCP Cloud Marketplace with SaaSify

GTM Solution on GCP Cloud Marketplace with SaaSify

GCP Marketplace Journey Made Easy

Launch, scale and grow faster on GCP marketplace with SaaSify’s zero engineering platform 

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Launch on GCP Marketplace

SaaSify self-service platform and GCP marketplace advisory to go live on GCP marketplace within a week with white-glove onboarding 

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Transact on GCP Marketplace

Transact your first GCP marketplace sales and automate private offer creation from within Salesforce 

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Get Co-sell Ready 

Build your co-sell GTM strategy with our GCP marketplace growth team and access co-selling opportunities without leaving Salesforce ​to leverage Microsoft Multiparty Offers 

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Foster Continuous Growth​  

Leverage continuous profile optimization, GCP marketplace benefits, GCP co-selling and identify opportunities to list more products with automation ​ 

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The Best Partner for your GCP Marketplace Journey

White-Glove Onboarding and Sales Training on Transact Models End to end support for listing your first public and private offers, and completing your initial sales and transactions, without going through 100s of GCP marketplace documentation pages

GTM Solution for GCP CLoud Marketplace
Cloud Marketplace Capabilities 

Always up-to date with Cloud Marketplace Capabilities 

No continuous engineering efforts required to stay updated, SaaSify takes care of that 

Private Offer Creation Automation within Salesforce 

Create and manage private GCP marketplace offer lifecycle from within Salesforce with special pricing tailored to your specific customers 

Azure Marketplace Expert Advisory and Deal Assistance 

GCP Marketplace Expert Advisory and Deal Assistance 

Subject matter expert support to unlock GCP marketplace partner benefits and optimize growth strategy 

Powerful integrations

Integrate connectors like Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Slack and others to your GCP marketplace dashboard to share marketplace data, automate workflows and minimize disruption, without disturbing your engineering teams 

Cloud GTM Success  

Cloud GTM Success  

GTM experts to help strategize GTM, prepare marketing assets and drive marketing execution to leverage marketplace rewards and benefits 

Marketplace Reporting and Insights  

Gain clear visibility into sales, payments, subscriptions, and margins with our advanced reporting and reconciliation capabilities 

Zero Engineering Platform 

Zero Engineering Platform 

Pre-built connectors and fulfillment APIs, pre-built usage-based offer templates with GCP Marketplace 

Co-sell Support 

Become ready to cross-sell, upsell, and co-sell with GCP teams and drive new sales opportunities, revenue and accelerate deals 

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SaaSify Vs DIY: Make a Smart Choice 

With SaaSify Do it yourself
Go-to Market  
1-4 weeks  
3-6 months
Engineering changes  
Very High
Access to pre-committed spends
Not Sure
Advanced integrations  
Access to 5+ integrations from day zero  
Training for teams  
Integrated reporting and analytics  
Private offer creation automation  
AWS marketplace capabilities  
Always up-to date  
Steep learning curve and engineering efforts  
Self service capabilities  
No (Engineering led)  

Get started with SaaSify for GCP Marketplace selling 

A partnership like no other to support all your teams through every step of GCP marketplace growth. 

Start your GCP Cloud Marketplace journey with SaaSify