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Ace the Cloud Marketplace Game with SaaSify

Leverage our zero-engineering platform and industry expertise for an effortless marketplace selling experience to maximize your business growth.

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An Overview Of The Platform

What Is SaaSify?
SaaSify is a one-of-its-kind solution built to simplify, streamline and accelerate revenue growth on cloud marketplaces. The platform enables you to optimize, list, sell and manage your software offerings — cost, effectively.
How Does It Work?
SaaSify integrates with your Cloud Marketplace account and helps you deploy your transactable SaaS offering with a branded landing page within days. Leverage easy customer communication and key data insights to grow your business effortlessly
Who Is It For?
If you’re a SaaS-based business or an Independent Software Vendor looking to tap into the global software market through cloud marketplaces, then SaaSify is for you.
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Start Selling Your Software Through Cloud Marketplaces Today!

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The SaaSify Advantage

One step solution to accelerate your SaaS sales in cloud marketplaces
Diversify Revenue Opportunities
With Cloud Commerce growing at an exponential pace, you can utilize Cloud Marketplaces to tap into the global software customer pool and multiply your revenue streams.
Go To Market Quickly
SaaSify helps you go to market within days without having to make any significant engineering changes to your software. Our expert team with years of marketplace experience offers guidance at every step of the way so that you can start selling instantly.
Maximize Your ROI
SaaSify offers you all the necessary tools and integrations to simplify selling on marketplaces and drive business growth. Our platform’s user-friendly interface enables you to provide your customers a premium buying experience and manage them efficiently.
Track, Measure, Grow
We give you the real picture. Stay ahead of your competition with SaaSify’s smart in-built analytics. Assess your lead generation stats, analyze customer growth, regulate your offers and successfully re-calibrate your marketplace strategies based on weekly reports.
Get 24 x 7 Expert Support
Leverage our industry expertise to understand what works best for your business and will help you expand your consumer base. With SaaSify, you can be assured that your sales will never be on hold due to any technical issues.
Build Your Own Brand
As a white-labelled solution, SaaSify enables you to create your own brand experience and recall for your customers. Boost your visibility with a branded landing page, using your logo, custom templates and other, and other experiences.

Start Selling Your Software On Cloud Marketplaces In Just 5 Easy Steps

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Connect SaaSify to your Cloud Marketplace account(s)
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Onboarding session with Cloud Marketplace experts
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Create custom landing pages and list your software offers
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Grow your SaaS business at a rapid pace.

Helping ISVs thrive in cloud marketplaces

SaaS enablement platform to simplify, streamline and
accelerate revenue growth in cloud marketplaces

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