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private offers on cloud marketplaces
Cloud Providers offer both Public and Private offers on cloud marketplaces. Public offers allow ISVs to publish offers on the marketplace for a specific price which are available to everyone. It is usually a generic offer that appeals to a wide range of customers and is publicly visible to all.  But a lot of customers require customized offers — with tailored metering and technical features adjusted according to their requirements. The Public offers listed on the marketplace have specific ‘set’ features which might not appeal to all customers. There might be a few missing requirements or a few additional ones in the offer. Private offers save the day!  You get to provide their prospects with additional features and customized billing on transactable SaaS offers which suit the customer. The pricing and terms can also be pre-negotiated with the customer which helps close bigger and longer deals.  But how exactly can you leverage private offers on cloud marketplaces to maximize your revenue generation on cloud marketplaces? Let’s dive in..   Benefits of Private/Custom Offers Private offers are uniquely negotiated between you and your customer. A negotiation in terms of both price and the conditions laid out by the customer. It is similar to a personal business deal where the customers create their own customized offer. This allows for custom agreements such as exclusive discounts, varying payment schemes, limitation of liability, etc. The primary advantage of Private plans is you get to serve the customer as per their demand. Not only does this enhance and nurture your partnership with them, it also allows you to open the doors to better and bigger collaborations in the future by adding additional developments or upgradations in your product. A Private Plan paves the way for a healthier co-sell collaboration, and hence a stronger presence in the Marketplace.  On top of these direct benefits to you as a company, it also helps you invest deeper into the important and strategic relationship with the Cloud Provider. Zooming in you are making closer ties with companies who are not only your customers but the direct customers of Cloud Providers too.  Another aspect that we’ve uncovered while working directly with ISVs on private deals is that client companies often discover additional features, services, or terms that they’re willing to pay for that would have flown under the radar in a Public Offer.  Want to know how to create Private Offers in Azure Marketplace? Read this blog!

Addressing Private Offers Workflow Challenges with SaaSify 

While the benefits are plenty, there are a few challenges associated with Private offers or plans which marketplaces haven’t yet solved — but SaaSify has!  Let’s take a look at the most common obstacles ISV’s face when setting up private offers on cloud marketplaces and how SaaSify straightens them out:
  • The absence of an inbuilt function to transfer customer data from the partner center to your CRM makes the task tedious and repetitive. Such operation overheads increase over time as your business grows.  
SaaSify provides you with in-built CRM integrators (HubSpot & Salesforce) which helps keep complete track of your incoming leads, existing customers – deal information and private offer requests and private offer creation based on pre-defined templates.
  •  You have to train your sales operations teams to set up Private Offers on Cloud Marketplaces, separately for each marketplace. Each Marketplace has its own interface, requirements, and user experience. As sales increase, the task of data entry grows. Such growth in the volume of tasks might require an additional sales operative to be hired.  
Our customers were facing this primary problem, but with SaaSify offering the same interface across different marketplaces, they are able to easily setup, extend and manage private plans.   
  • There are various customers paying non-identical amounts for the private offers on cloud marketplaces. A lump payment from the Cloud Marketplace makes it arduous to understand your disbursements. 
SaaSify’s reports section a detailed and clear representation of the amount that each customer pays for the subscriptions that they own. Customers are always informed and kept up-to-date on every subscription lifecycle through advanced analytics on transactions, payouts / collections, taxes, fees. Not only that, but you can also configure notifications to be sent to your customer through email, Microsoft Teams and/or Slack Channel. Based on the events set-up by the you, once the event (For Example: Subscription Activated Successfully, Resolve Token Success, Pending Subscription Activation, etc.,) is triggered the SaaSify sends an email to the recipients.That’s not all, the latest SaaSify Salesforce Application takes the comfort of creating private offers a step further. It enables ISVs to address challenges of context switching, steep learning curve and missed opportunities during creating private offers. With this application, ISVs can convert opportunities into private offers for AWS, Azure and GCP marketplaces, automate private offers for both direct customers and channel partners to scale marketplace sales with reduced overheads as well get real time visibility on status of each opportunity and manage the entire lifecycle of CMP private offer sales within Salesforce.All-in-all private offers on cloud marketplaces can assist you in bringing in more customers and thus more revenue. Customer relations are better maintained through this one-to-one connection.  Private offers on cloud marketplaces are more appealing because customers oversee what apps and services they receive and pay only for those. The terms and the price are negotiated as well with each customer. This brings individuality to the offers.Get SaaSify today and leverage Private Offers the right way! Book a demo.

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