Unlocking the Cloud: ISVs, Explode the Growth with AWS Marketplace Partner Programs

AWS Partner Programs

A Closer Look into AWS Marketplace Partner Programs: Unveiling Opportunities for ISVs

The cloud computing landscape is dominated by a few key players, with AWS leading the pack. This blog dives into the reasons behind AWS Marketplace’s success and explores the benefits it offers to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Why AWS Marketplace Stands Out:

  • Massive Reach: Boasting over 2.5 million active subscriptions and a whopping $157 Bn+ in committed cloud consumption, AWS Marketplace offers unparalleled access to a global customer base.
  • Credibility Boost: Customers trust the AWS brand, making them more likely to purchase software listed on the Marketplace. This pre-vetted environment simplifies the buying process for customers.
  • Pre-Committed Cloud Budgets: Leverage pre-committed cloud consumption through AWS’s Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), allowing customers to utilize existing budgets for your software.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: AWS Marketplace simplifies software sales for ISVs. It handles visibility, billing, and payouts, freeing you to focus on core business activities.
  • Partner Programs & Support: AWS offers co-selling, partner enablement, and other programs to empower ISVs with marketing, sales support, certifications, and more.

Unlocking Success with Partner Programs:

AWS Marketplace provides a range of partner programs designed to propel ISV success. Here’s a glimpse into some key offerings:

1. Gaining Visibility and Recognition:

Partner programs help you list your offerings on the AWS Partner Network (APN) and unlock access to differentiation programs, go-to-market resources, and funding benefits. Earning AWS specializations and certifications further strengthens your credibility with potential customers.

2. Co-Selling Opportunities:

a. APN Customer Engagements Program (ACE):

The ACE program empowers you to securely collaborate with AWS and co-sell to millions of customers. Manage your joint opportunities, unlock new leads, and drive deeper customer engagement.

Benefits for you:

Boost Revenue: Discover new sales opportunities, accelerate deals, and win customers alongside AWS.

Enriched Relationships: Work with AWS to offer best-in-class solutions and leverage expertise for advanced customer success.

Earn Incentives: Access partner benefits, discounts, and marketing funds as you engage deeper with AWS.

b. AWS ISV Accelerate:

Gain access to co-selling resources and support from AWS field sellers, boosting your visibility and sales potential. This unlocks millions of potential customers and accelerates your sales cycle.

Benefits for You:

Drive New Business: Tap into AWS’s vast network and co-sell your solutions.

Faster Sales Cycles: Leverage AWS sales expertise to close deals quicker.

Mutual Commitment: Co-sell ensures both AWS and partners are invested in customer success.

c. Partnering with the AWS Ecosystem:

Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO): Authorize consulting or channel partners to offer your software as part of bundled solutions. Leverage their expertise and established customer relationships to expand your reach.

AWS Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO): Similar to CPPO, but focused on scalability. SPs can resell authorized ISV products under a standardized pricing structure.

Streamline Your Cloud Sales with SaaSify’s and Salesforce Automation

By leveraging SaaSify’s automation capabilities, you can:

  • Reduce administrative burden: Free up your sales team to focus on closing deals, not manual data entry.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency: Eliminate manual errors and ensure consistent communication throughout the sales cycle.
  • Gain real-time visibility: Access real-time updates on private offers and co-selling opportunities, allowing for better decision-making.


AWS Marketplace provides a powerful platform for ISVs to reach new customers, streamline sales, and accelerate growth. By leveraging the diverse partner programs available, you can gain a competitive edge and unlock your full potential within the AWS ecosystem. Do not forget to take your cloud sales to the next level with SaaSify’s Salesforce Automation.

Further Exploration:

This blog offers a high-level overview of partner programs. In subsequent blogs, we’ll delve deeper into the details of the ACE program, particularly the recently launched ACE 2.0. 

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