Fast Track Your Cloud Success with the AWS ACE Program


Unlock Co-Selling Opportunities and Drive Growth with AWS ACE Program

The AWS cloud platform continues to dominate the market, with businesses worldwide recognizing its scalability, security, and vast service offerings. To thrive in this environment, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need to establish a strong presence within the AWS Marketplace and build expertise in delivering cloud solutions.

The Power of Partnership: Introducing the AWS ACE Program

The AWS ACE Program is more than just a recognition badge. It’s a comprehensive program designed to elevate your status within the AWS Partner Network (APN) and empower you to accelerate your cloud success. 
    • Increased Visibility: Gain prominent placement within the APN, attracting potential clients seeking reliable AWS partners.
    • Enhanced Credibility: Official recognition by AWS signifies your proven track record and expertise.
    • Co-Selling Opportunities: Partner with AWS on marketing initiatives and sales opportunities to amplify your reach and close more deals.
    • Exclusive Training & Resources: Benefit from in-depth training programs and resources to stay ahead of the curve on AWS technologies.
    • Lead Generation Support: Leverage AWS’s network to connect with qualified leads actively seeking your services.

Decoding the Details: How the AWS ACE Program Works?

The core of the AWS ACE program lies in secure collaboration and co-selling with AWS. Here’s a breakdown of the process:Identifying Opportunities with AWS ACE Program:
  • Look for net-new customers within your existing or prospective base who show interest in the AWS Marketplace.
  • Focus on customers with committed cloud consumption on AWS for higher conversion potential.
Submitting Opportunities with AWS ACE Program:
  • Utilize the APN Partner Central portal to register your opportunities with the AWS ACE Pipeline Manager.
  • Ensure the accuracy of information for efficient AWS validation.
Getting Opportunities Validated by AWS ACE Program:
  • AWS validates submitted opportunities to ensure authenticity. This process takes a few days.
  • Be prepared to provide additional information if requested by AWS.
Engaging with the AWS Team:
  • Build strong relationships with assigned AWS account managers for successful co-selling.
  • Educate your sales team on the ACE program and co-selling process.
  • Utilize resources like training materials and sandbox environments.
  • Create process notes and communication templates to streamline collaboration.
  • Develop use case documents for different customer archetypes to assist AWS teams.
Receiving Referrals from AWS ACE:
  • Once you meet eligibility criteria and demonstrate success, you’ll start receiving leads directly from AWS.
  • These leads have already consented to be contacted by you, increasing conversion chances.
  • Communicate successfully closed deals with AWS to strengthen your partnership.

Maximizing Your AWS ACE Success: A Winning Strategy

Set Clear Co-Selling Objectives:
  • Define SMART goals for co-selling, aligning them with your overall business objectives.
  • Break down goals into milestones for measurable progress.
  • Set goals for receiving referrals from AWS teams to incentivize collaboration.
Leverage AWS Marketplace as Your Strategic Sales Channel:
  • Position AWS Marketplace as your primary sales channel to maximize visibility to AWS sales teams.
  • Offer transactable solutions on AWS Marketplace to streamline co-selling efforts.
Educate and Empower Your Sales Teams:
  • Provide comprehensive training on the AWS ACE program, co-selling best practices, and AWS team structure.
  • Regularly evaluate and refine training programs based on feedback and results.
  • Equip your sales team with resources like use cases, practice documentation, and persuasive pitch decks.
  • Leverage existing AWS ACE resources like training, marketing materials, and case studies.
Craft a Compelling Co-Selling Narrative:
  • Develop a compelling narrative that showcases the value proposition of your solution for AWS customers.
  • Highlight how your solution:
    • Enhances product fit for AWS customers.
    • Increases cloud consumption within the AWS Marketplace.
    • Improves conversion rates for AWS sales representatives.
  • Use success stories and targeted use cases for different industries to strengthen your narrative.
Establish Metrics and KPIs:
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure co-selling success
  • Monitor engagement metrics like joint meetings, co-closed deals, and received referrals.
  • Analyze data and create feedback loops to identify and address challenges early on.
  • Use KPIs to refine your AWS ACE strategy and adjust your overall business approach.

Streamline Your Cloud Sales with SaaSify’s and Salesforce Automation

By leveraging SaaSify’s automation capabilities, you can:

  • Reduce administrative burden: Free up your sales team to focus on closing deals, not manual data entry.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency: Eliminate manual errors and ensure consistent communication throughout the sales cycle.
  • Gain real-time visibility: Access real-time updates on private offers and co-selling opportunities, allowing for better decision-making.

Conclusion: The AWS ACE Advantage Awaits

The AWS ACE Program offers a powerful platform for ISVs to accelerate cloud success. By following these strategies, you can unlock new revenue opportunities, enhance customer experiences, and establish yourself as a leader in the AWS Marketplace. Also, take your cloud sales to the next level with SaaSify’s Salesforce Automation.Take the first step and join the AWS ACE Program today!

Further Exploration:

This blog offers a high-level overview of AWS ACE program. In subsequent blogs, we’ll see how the companies have leveraged the AWS ACE program.

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