AWS ACE Success Stories: How ISVs are Winning in the Cloud

AWS ACE success stories

Uncover real-world AWS ACE success stories that showcase the power of co-selling with AWS

We have explored in depth the basics of the AWS ACE Program, along with the best practices to get started and accelerate co-selling growth with AWS. However, seeing impact is what makes ISVs kickstart their ACE journey. In this blog, we will showcase some of the AWS ACE success stories and use cases from AWS Partner Program where co-selling via the AWS ACE has enabled ISVs and software sellers to:

aws ace success storiesAWS ACE Success Story #1: Driving Public Sector Customer Engagement for a Data-Driven Transformation Company, Headquartered in Berlin.

A data-driven transformation company that provides technology (artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), high-performance computing (HPC)) and cloud expertise aimed at cost optimization in the cloud and elevating engineer productivity, based in AWS, sought to revolutionize the way it engaged with its customers.In just a few years of inception, the company saw numerous new opportunities for the potential application of its solutions and services in higher education and other public sector spaces. Invariably, effectively engaging with public sector customers became a key goal for them. Without wasting time, they decided to explore collaborative opportunities for marketing and co-selling with AWS teams. To collaborate effectively, manage joint opportunities, and leverage the complete co-selling potential, the ACE Program by AWS seemed to be a perfect fit.The ACE Program enabled this growing company to closely discuss and customize their solutions with AWS teams to make them more suitable for customers and offer them deals they can’t say no to. As a result of this close collaboration on the ACE Program, the company was able to:aws ace success storiesIn fact, the company also claims that half of the public sector business wins have been possible with the support of ACE, demonstrating a clear return on investment.AWS teams worked strategically with the company’s sales team to achieve the aforementioned results. The company undertook some key steps to leverage the ACE Program, including:
  • Collaborating with its AWS public sector partner account manager to devise customer engagement strategies, offering customers greater value by reducing deployment times and costs.
  • Identifying the best technical competencies and AWS services to maximize wins.
  • Enhancing the use of the ACE Pipeline Manager, as part of the AWS Partner Central portal, for comprehensive sales and technical support, as well as access to tools.
  • Leveraging resources like AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), AWS Well-Architected framework, and the AWS Application Discovery Service to simplify engagement.
  • Gaining quick and streamlined assistance on sizing AWS environments and managing support requirements.
  • Receiving funding that reduced the expense of an AWS proof of concept, and simplified deployment through the expertise of AWS Solutions Architects with experience in research HPC environments.

According to a representative from the company “Getting to the testing phase in an HPC project in the public sector would normally take six months, but we completed all tests in 4–6 weeks with the support of ACE.” He added, “ACE is the perfect way to coordinate our plans with AWS so we can offer better deals and more comprehensive solutions to our customers.”

AWS ACE Success Story #2: Expanding into new industries and geographies for a leading web application

A revolutionary web application built on foundational AWS building blocks aimed at lowering the bar of entry to cloud computing, was striving towards expanding its footprint, to tap into countries where it didn’t have a geographical presence, as well as enter new industries and the ACE Program became a natural enabler to facilitate the same.Focused on enabling organizations to easily start and manage their AWS resources, this company found immense success and adoption in the academia and higher education space. With an ambition to diversify outreach, the company’s leadership decided to explore the ACE Program, particularly owing to its simplified interface and few requirements to enter. As beneficiaries of other APN programs and incentives, the company put their faith in the ACE Program, and the results far exceeded their expectations. The key focus of joining the ACE Program for this company was to leverage the AWS network to attract leads and opportunities in areas, without their own physical presence.The ACE Program and a co-selling relationship with AWS account managers and reps have enabled the company to expand its footprint and obtain qualified leads from across the globe. Here are some of the direct results that the company received as a part of the ACE Program:
  • Expansion and growth in new industry verticals with AWS Support, including education, government, and commercial sectors
  • Further exploration for adoption across diverse industries, including energy, mining, banking, healthcare, and life sciences
  • Access to AWS account teams globally, leading to impact outsizing the company’s actual size
Furthermore, half of the new opportunities for the company now come from the ACE Program, where they collaborate with AWS to create a shared sales plan.The company benefited from a combination of networking, training and credits provided as a part of the ACE Program. Overall, the ACE Program provided the company with opportunities to:
  • Connect with global AWS leaders through APN Partner events to strengthen relationships and drive business growth
  • Enhance the skills and competencies for greater customer adoption, including, AWS Training and Certification, where every employee has finished either a business or technical course from AWS.
  • Empower the company’s sales team to effectively position cloud resources for customers, alongside a debrief on how AWS services can help simplify cloud operations
  • Leverage innovation sandbox to reduce development costs while accelerating continuous innovation
  • Capitalize on POC (proof of concept) credits available that encourage customers to try cloud experiments risk-free, fostering increased annual product license consumption and increased AWS usage

As per a representative of the company, “Co-selling significantly contributed to our global scaling, particularly in the US and the UK.”

AWS ACE Success Story #3: Fostering business and revenue growth for an identity solutions provider

A company based in San Francisco that provides identity solutions with over 7,000 pre-built integrations wanted to scale its platform faster to meet customer demands, Expanding the collaboration with AWS seemed to be the most effective and efficient solution to achieve this goal.Focused on helping enterprises with identity and access management solutions, the company has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years, running into double digits. It has also been an active participant of the AWS Partner Network, running its solutions on AWS. Invariably, to reduce the time to market for customers, the company decided to explore co-selling with AWS, leveraging the ACE Program. It was focused on capitalizing on the expertise of AWS sales and technical teams while collaborating on joint opportunities.The ability to easily collaborate and secure co-sell opportunities with AWS, as a part of the ACE Program, the company was able to:
  • Accelerate the pace of scaling new business opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and co-sell solutions with AWS.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage for the company’s seller teams, owing to close collaboration with AWS, accelerating the sales cycle.
  • Simplify the deployment of complex, large-scale identity projects for customers. Ensure a direct increase in revenue numbers.
The company was able to achieve this exponential return on investment and impact due to the strategic collaboration practices and support offered by AWS teams, including the opportunity to:
  • Leverage the AWS Partner Central to gain visibility of the joint pipeline, facilitating effective collaboration on deals.
  • Engage jointly with customers around specific AWS-based architectures to optimize customer environments.
  • Collaborate with AWS peers to better understand customer needs to curate and deliver the right solution for each customer.
  • Align co-sell resources—including account executives and solution engineers—with AWS teams, to create a winning co-sell narrative in terms of messaging and technology.

As per a key representative of the company, “The ACE program helps connect better with AWS by sharing opportunities,” He adds, “We can input what we need to let AWS know in advance what the customers’ needs are, and then we can share organizational structures and customer requirements.”


These three AWS ACE success stories clearly illustrate how AWS partners or ISVs that have been able to leverage the ACE Program have been able to drive tangible business outcomes. By streamlining the entire co-selling relationship, the ACE Program has given a clear structure to the roles, responsibilities, visibility in the ACE shared opportunities pipeline, and much more. Overall, ISVs that understand the immense potential that the ACE Program brings along can grow their customer base, entering new geographies and industries. They see a clear revenue and profit growth and they claim a significant growth in the close or opportunity win rate.

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