What are Private offers on Azure Marketplace?

Private offers on Azure Marketplace
As an ISV, if you are planning to go live on Azure marketplace or have already published your offer, you would know that your offers can be public or private. Depending on the level of customization you wish to offer to your customers, you can make an informed choice.While public offers are off the shelf with similar terms and conditions for all, private offers give you the flexibility to tailor make contracts with terms that you negotiate to suit your customers’ expectations.

Let us understand the Private Offers on Azure Marketplace

Let’s start by understanding Azure marketplace private offers. Essentially, private offers allow ISVs and their customers to negotiate custom prices for offers. Furthermore, they enable them to customize or create their own end user license agreements which might have additional/ less clauses as compared to the standard Azure marketplace agreements.These offers are only visible to targeted accounts for which they are created. Specifically, they allow ISVs to extend discounts and other attractive incentives to customers to unlock high value and longer deals.  

Unlock Private Offer Revenue with SaaSify 

With SaaSify, creating such offers is a cakewalk. We do all the heavy lifting for you while you focus on servicing your customers with the best interactions. Here are a few ways SaaSify can help you. 

1. Meet customer expectations with SaaSify’s zero-engineering platform

First, with private offers you can easily match the expectations of your customers. According to a study by Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs. This suggests that when you are able to tailor make your offering based on customer expectations, chances of conversion become higher, leading to greater sales and revenue realization.   SaaSify enables you to accelerate the process with its zero engineering functionalities. You can increase your go-to-market pace and take your private offer live quickly, because you don’t have to make any engineering changes to your product. Furthermore, SaaSify’s pre-defined templates for creation of private offers help save time and efforts.

2. Convert enterprise customers with private offer lifecycle automation.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the real profits and revenue growth lies when you are able to convert enterprise customers. It is through enterprise customers that you can unlock multi-million dollar deals which are likely to have greater profit margins. However, when it comes to an enterprise customer, customization is everything and private offers are the only way you can convert them. However, creating these offers can be tedious, especially when your teams have to learn and toggle between their CRM, Azure marketplace and the offer management platform. SaaSify’s Salesforce Application automates this process of creating private offers with just a few clicks. You can easily convert your enterprise prospects who appear as Salesforce contacts into offers with discounts for bulk purchases, customized terms and conditions and other negotiations. That way, there is no learning curve and increased productivity, while acquiring enterprise customers. 

3. Cloud service provider/ partners collaboration for Multiparty Private Offers with SaaSify 

To increase your revenue, you can explore co-selling with other marketplaces partners like Cloud service provider (CSPs) in the case of Azure marketplace, who can provide your offer as an add on to the Microsoft offerings they are selling and position it as a bundled product. Private offers provide the best incentives to activate such partnerships.Put simply, you can create a private offer based on negotiated terms with the partner, who can then add a margin and sell it to their end customer. This opportunity has further expanded with the introduction of Multiparty Private Offers by Microsoft Commercial MarketplaceSaaSify’s Salesforce Application is a boon here as well. Not only can you automate private offer creation for direct customers, but you can also automate the creation of multiparty private offers for other seller partners, seamlessly. You can easily extend the MPO without the manual work which goes into entering all data about the partners and offer terms into the Azure marketplace portal.With SaaSify Salesforce Application, you can leverage co-selling, you get new customers and revenue, while the seller partners get a margin profit as well as facilitate better customer servicing.  

4. Better access to pre-committed budgets 

Private offers enable you to engage 1-o-1 with your potential customers. When you do so, you can get a view of their pre-committed Azure budgets i.e. Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment, that they have to spend.With customer insights, you can create private offers where they can easily leverage their pre-committed budgets to unlock large value deals, which help them achieve more without any additional spend.  However, to leverage pre-committed spend or MACC, your offers must be transactable on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. SaaSify’s in-built integration with Azure along with technical support can help you easily create, manage and scale transactable offers. Whether you want to create a transactable offer from scratch, or convert your contact me to transactable, SaaSify can help you out. Furthermore, as transactable offers have become a prerequisite for accessing MACC and leveraging Azure IP co-selling incentives, SaaSify’s enablement support can help you unlock high sales growth. Additionally, SaaSify helps ISVs with advanced reporting on transactions, payouts and collection of taxes, etc. This makes the management of private offer lifecycle seamless, leading to a better buying and selling experience.  

Business Benefits of Private Offers over Public offers on Azure Marketplace

Before we conclude, let’s quickly glance through why you need private offers. The idea is to comprehend how these offers can help bridge the gap that public offers leave.  

1. Public offers are generic while private offers are customized

Public offers provide the same terms to customers which might not be the best offering for enterprise customers. Invariably, if a large enterprise which is engaging in multi-million dollar product offering with you, chances are that it will not wish to procure an off the shelf product with predefined conditions.Thus, your public offering which is generic in nature might be sustainable to sell to retail clients or small businesses, the game of enterprise and high value customers requires tailoring and customization which is made possible with these unique offers.  

2. Unlock Coselling Relations and access Micorsoft Azure Consumption Commitment

Secondly, public offers don’t bring along any co-selling benefits. At a macro level, many independent software vendors (ISVs) rely on cloud service providers (CSPs) and other partners to facilitate co-selling and increase their revenue. However, without incentives, co-selling success becomes a challenge. If CSPs or other partners sell you public offers, they are not entitled to any extra commission or incentive which might motivate them to go out of their way to bring big sales. Private offers perfectly bridge this gap.  Overall, with private offers, you can conquer marketplace sales and bring about as much as a 10x growth in your Azure revenue. Convert enterprise customers, unlock new co-selling relations and access Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment with tailor made pricing, contracts and terms that you can master with SaaSify. Book a demo today to learn how SaaSify can help unlock 10x revenue growth with private offers.

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