Migrate to SaaSify: Transition your CMP Integration Easily and Efficiently

Migrate to SaaSify
As we engage with more ISVs, it’s becoming clear that they’re not completely satisfied with the current methods of listing and transacting on cloud marketplaces. Whether they try to do it themselves or rely on third-party platforms, they encounter difficulties in terms of usability, cost-effectiveness, and return on investment, among other factors. Inevitably, many ISVs express a desire to migrate to SaaSify as their partner for cloud marketplace growth. However, like any transition, ISVs have concerns about the migration process. In this article, we will demonstrate how easy, secure, and efficient it is to migrate to SaaSify, and the benefits you can expect to gain along the way.

How to migrate to SaaSify?

Let’s quickly take a look at how easy and safe it is to migrate to SaaSify with these 5 steps.

Get your SaaSify instance

Time required: 1-2 DaysGet in touch with our team to book a quick demo to understand how SaaSify works and get your instance for smooth onboarding. You can subscribe to SaaSify from Azure Marketplace, AWS Marketplace or directly get in touch with our team.
  1. SaaSify Cloud Marketplace Platform: Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  2. SaaSify Cloud Marketplace Platform for Startups: Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  3. SaaSify Cloud Marketplace Platform: AWS Marketplace: SaaSify Contract (

Connect to your Cloud Marketplace (Azure/AWS/GCP)

Time required: 10 MinutesOnce you have your instance, connect SaaSify to your cloud marketplace to give us the access to manage your listings and help you publish, transact and optimize your offers. You don’t need to make any engineering changes to your software when providing SaaSify with your marketplace access. As soon as you grant access to SaaSify, our zero engineering platform automatically fetches your current marketplace offers without disrupting your existing sales process.

Import your existing listings and review workflow

Time required: 30 MinutesNow that SaaSify has Connected with your preferred cloud marketplace (s), get started with importing your existing listings and configurations. SaaSify will ensure that all your listings, historical or current, private offers, subscriptions, data about your customers and their usage, and other information is automatically migrated to SaaSify and you don’t have any friction or time wasted during the transition. SaaSify ensures that you have access to all your listings and information from day one. During this stage of the transition, your original cloud marketplace listing will be live and listing and other relevant information on SaaSify will be visible to you. Go one step ahead to validate your sales workflow to ensure a smooth transition. You can set up and test automatic or manual activation rules, connect to your preferred CRM, among others. While you are validating everything, be rest assured that your existing functionalities and listing are not impacted.

Direct your listing activation URL to SaaSify

Time required: 5 MinutesNow that your marketplace transition to SaaSify is up, it’s time to get it live. Get started by updating all technical configurations for your listing, by simply copying the technical configuration details from SaaSify and update in your Cloud Marketplace Portal, such as AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), Microsoft Partner Center, Google Producer Portal etc. . This refers to ensuring that your listing activation URL brings your customers to your listing on SaaSify. Put simply, any new or existing customers on your cloud marketplace will be automatically redirected to SaaSify platform from where they can interact with your offer and engage with it the way they prefer.For Microsoft Partner Center, ISVs can publish the offer after updating the Technical Configuration Details for the changes to take place.For AMMP, ISVs just update the Fulfillment URL and submit for the changes to take place. The changes will take place within 2 minutes.For GCP, ISVs need to update and submit the listing for review and approval.Once updated, it is best that you run a test transaction to ensure that the configurations are working smoothly and are aligned with your desired workflow.

You’re live

Now that the URL is updated and your are satisified with all your testing and validation, your listing is live with SaaSify. It’s time bid farewell to your do-it-yourself solution or any other third party application you might be using.

How does migration affect your listings?

A key concern that often accompanies migration from a do-it-yourself approach or migrating from a third party application to SaaSify has been around its negative impact on listings and revenue. Overall, there are three major apprehensions that you might have:

Your current listings will be migrated to SaaSify

Absolutely not! Migration to SaaSify doesn’t entail any delisting of your current offers. In fact, all your listings, including current and historical ones, are migrated to SaaSify, along with your other configurations. Even during the entire transition period, you can create new offers and deals, without the risk of losing them once migration is complete.

You will have uninterrupted access revenue and customer data

Again, you won’t! At SaaSify, we understand that data about sales, revenue and your customers associated with your listings is the foundation and sole truth for you to create future strategies and overall understand your business. That’s why, we ensure that all your customer data is intact and is retrieved for you once the migration process is complete. You will have access to all data about your revenue and customer data history.

All your listings will be live during the migration period, contributing to sales

Not at all! As mentioned, there is no delisting involved when you migrate to SaaSify. This suggests that all your offers and deals stay live during the entire migration period. In the initial phases, your original listing is live while migration is happening in the background. Once you have redirected your listing URL to SaaSify, and the testing is complete, your original listing will be redirected to your new listing powered by SaaSify. This way no active deals, contracts or new deals are adversely impacted or are missed opportunities.

Why migrate to SaaSify?

While migrating to SaaSify is completely hassle-free, you might find yourself questioning whether it makes any actual sense to migrate to SaaSify from in-house or a third-party solution. Here’s a quick snapshot of why migrating to SaaSify is good for your business.

We manage the entire offer lifecycle, while you focus on revenue

SaaSify manages each aspect of your offer lifecycle right from getting the listing ready for publishing to transacting, optimizing and reporting to help you capture cloud revenue. This ensures that your team can spend time on higher conversions and deal closures.

Don’t worry about marketplace changes

With no-code functionalities, SaaSify ensures that your listings are always updated to reflect the latest developments across cloud marketplaces. You don’t have to worry about any engineering changes to your product in case there’s a new update or development in the marketplaces. you don’t have to make any engineering changes to your product to make it marketplace ready.

Budget friendly pricing to suit your business scale

SaaSify’s pricing hits a sweet spot for ISVs, adapting to the growth for each business exclusively. Depending on the functionalities and capabilities you need, you can choose the tier which best suits your budget. Scale up the budget as your business grows, and you can always access our pay-as-you-go model for additional offerings beyond your selected tier.

Get special offers if you are a startup

There’s a cherry on the cake if you are a startup. SaaSify provides special benefits and pricing for startups which qualify for its exclusive program. Startups can leverage state of the art features for marketplace listing and transacting starting at only USD 2500 per annum.

Integrate with your other tools to close the business loops

The integrations provided by SaaSify can help you supercharge your offerings. Use advanced integrations and connectors for CRM, martech, co-selling, collaboration and much more. The integrations and workflow support enables ISVs to track progress, retain more customers, build credibility and work efficiently.

Migrate to SaaSify and Automate your Private Offers within Salesforce

A major pain point that has been pushing ISVs to migrate to SaaSify has been the friction and struggle of creating private offers. Conventionally, creating private offers requires sales teams to toggle and switch between different platforms like the CRM, cloud marketplace and the SaaS enablement application. On the one hand, this leads to a lot of productivity loss and on the other hand, it requires a steep learning curve. Both of these together result in missed opportunities.With SaaSify’s Salesforce Application, ISVs automate private offer lifecycle for cloud marketplaces from within Salesforce. Here’s what it means:Seamlessly convert opportunities into private offers for AWS, Azure and GCP marketplaces without leaving Salesforce’s system of recordAutomate private offers for both direct customers and channel partners to scale marketplace sales with reduced overheadsGet real time visibility on status of each opportunity and manage the entire lifecycle of CMP sales and customer experience within Salesforce

Getting Started

If you think migrating to SaaSify is likely to benefit your ISV business or have any questions about the process, get in touch with us today. Experience our solutions with a personalized demo to discover how SaaSify can enhance your performance on cloud marketplaces. You can also connect with our marketplace experts for an advisory call to receive tailored guidance on effectively scaling your cloud business and revenue.


How much time does it take to migrate offer listings to SaaSify?

Migrating your offer listings to SaaSify to power cloud marketplace sales from in-house or third party platforms takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete the entire process.

Are listings or revenue lost during transition?

No, all you revenue and listings can be retrieved once you go live on cloud marketplaces with SaaSify. This means that you do not lose out on any marketplace data during the migration process.

Is there any impact on sales during the migration period?

The migration process will not have any negative impact on your marketplace sales. Your existing listings will be live till the minute your redirected listing becomes live, ensuring these isn’t even a single minute of missed opportunities. You can keep transacting and closing deals during the entire transition period.

Does the ISV have to delist existing listings for migration?

No, the listings are redirected once you connect your cloud marketplace with SaaSify. You don’t have to unlist any offer and relist it.

Are there any additional costs associated with migration?

You only have to pay the costs associated with the tier you choose based on the SaaSify SKU desired functionalities. There are no additional costs for the migration process.

Maximize your Cloud ROI with SaaSify

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