Accelerate Azure Growth: Key Sessions for ISVs at Microsoft Inspire 2023

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If you are an ISV or a Microsoft partner, then attending Microsoft Inspire 2023 should be on the top of your agenda for July 2023. As the largest cloud partner event, Microsoft Inspire provides an exclusive platform for the tech giant to talk about its plans and roadmaps for the upcoming year, unveil new opportunities for partners and enable collaborative success on the cloud 

What to expect at Microsoft Inspire 2023? 

Microsoft Inspire 2023 is all set to take place on July 18-19, 2023 PT (i.e. July 19-20 APAC and EMEA), virtually. The digital approach enables Microsoft to engage and include its partners from across the globe seamlessly. This annual flagship event combines keynote addresses, speaker sessions, and partner awards to celebrate achievements and foster co-creation for the future. The 2023 edition has been curated to focus on three interlinked areas: 
  • Accelerate AI transformation with Microsoft: Learn how to maximize partner opportunities by harnessing Microsoft’s increasing investment in AI. 
  • Drive customer success together: Delve into refining your sales playbook to meet the high customer demand in specific areas. 
  • Fuel your business growth and profitability: Uncover the benefits and incentives in store for you to unleash marketplace growth.  

Why attend Microsoft Inspire 2023? 

If you’re contemplating the value of attending Microsoft Inspire 2023 for your ISV business, here’s a quick overview of the compelling reasons that make this event a must-attend: 

Stay updated on the latest innovations 

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, investments, and programs designed to foster growth for all Microsoft partners. With keynote addresses delivered by Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, and other senior executives, you’ll gain insights into leveraging these developments to fuel your business’s profitability. 

Discover partner offerings and benefits 

In addition to the keynote address, the conference will feature multiple expert live and on-demand sessions tailored to the needs of ISVs and other Microsoft partners. From discussions on the benefits of the marketplace for business growth to sessions on deal making and multiparty private offers, you’ll have numerous opportunities for knowledge sharing. These expert insights will help you understand partner offerings, leverage benefits, and better meet customer demands. 

Network and build new relationships 

Connect and collaborate with a diverse community of partners, industry experts, and Microsoft leaders to build strategic alliances and explore new business possibilities. Microsoft Inspire 2023 provides an exclusive opportunity to unlock partnerships for co-selling, joint marketing, and growth. Forge valuable relationships that can pave the way for future success. 

Receive expert guidance for cloud growth 

Gain valuable guidance on your marketplace queries through exclusive question and answer sessions with experts. Engage with industry and marketplace experts to better understand the dynamics of the cloud. Seek advice from Microsoft experts on ensuring readiness for upcoming changes, understanding their impact on your business, and implementing best practices to optimize growth with the innovations. Attending Microsoft Inspire 2023 is your gateway to commercial marketplace success fuelled by growth, innovation, and collaboration within the Microsoft partner ecosystem.  

Top sessions for ISVs at Microsoft Inspire 2023 

Here’s a quick list of sessions at Microsoft Inspire 2023 that ISVs should not miss.  

Microsoft Inspire Keynote 

The much awaited keynote delving into the innovations, investments and programs by Microsoft for the upcoming year. This address will help you learn about what’s new and how it will impact you as an ISV, enabling you to gear and optimize your business to foster more profitability. Register for this session

Marketplace: Deal-making best practices and solutions to common issues 

If you are a new ISV, this session will be a great starting point for you to commence your marketplace journey. It will focus on knowledge sharing on how ISVs can accelerate and scale deal making with Microsoft customers. GTM expert guidance on GTM and pricing, best practices to leverage incentives and utilize Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), all geared to optimize your deal making experience. In addition to deal making strategy and best practices, also learn how to navigate and address common marketplace deal obstacles.Register for this session

Opportunities for ISVs to grow your business 

This session will help ISVs understand the landscape of global opportunities available to expand reach and impact. It will focus on the current trends and areas of growth within the Microsoft Cloud. Featuring Microsoft experts and successful ISVs, there will be perspectives on how to navigate customer demand for AI solutions, migration and modernization of enterprise apps with a security focus. There will be exclusive focus on partner programs and new investments that are directed towards helping ISVs build better with a faster GTM approach. Register for this session

Evolving Microsoft Azure IP co-sell aligned with commercial marketplace 

With increasing investments in bringing together the Microsoft commercial marketplace and Azure IP co-sell, the event is all set for a session to clarify the developments. The major objective of the session is to help ISVs understand the latest features and procedures, and discover how co-selling through the commercial marketplace can lead to joint customer wins. If you wish to explore the potential of co-selling, put this on your agenda today. Register for this session

ISV Success Discussion 

This session will provide an exclusive opportunity for ISVs to share their feedback and insights about ISV Success which offers ISVs benefit packages starting at $126K (USD) in value and access to tools, training, and resources to build well-architected apps, publish to the commercial marketplace, and reach more customers. It will highlight the additional benefits that can be unlocked with performance to help accelerate the growth of your business. Register for this session

Power partnerships: Maximizing profitability with Cosell GTM solutions 

Get ready for an immersive and engaging discussion for ISVs on unlocking unparalleled profit opportunities. The session will provide you with insights on GTM solutions and how to unleash partnerships for the coming year. Learn from real world examples, expert anecdotes and experiences on the best strategies for profit maximization. This session is a must attend if you want to augment your partnership efficacy and craft a tailored GTM strategy with Microsoft. Register for this session

The power of working together, through marketplace 

This session focused on the collective power of selling will bring together success stories of marketplace selling. More and more customers are adopting Microsoft commercial marketplace for software purchase to centralize their cloud portfolios and simplify their buying experience. Attend this session to know more about marketplace sellers and how you can go-to-market with other Microsoft sellers and partners for collective success. Register for this session

Marketplace: Using private offers to accelerate custom deal-making 

Learn how custom deal making with private offers on Microsoft marketplace can help you with increasing cloud revenue realization. This session will focus on how custom deals and private offers are drastically changing the marketplace and are accelerating deal closure rate at 5x pace compared to public deals. Discover how you can unlock the private offer potential to convert more customers faster. Register for this session

Use the marketplace and private offers to get more deals 

This session is specially for ISVs who wish to reach more customers through Azure marketplace, grow their software businesses and get the opportunity to access pre-committed spends for customers. It will highlight how you can leverage the marketplace to secure more deals and customers. Also, learn how creating customized deals with private offers opens a new source of revenue for you. Register for this session

Get your marketplace questions answered—from onboarding and more 

If you have any questions related to Microsoft cloud marketplace, mark your calendar for this session. Right from answering common questions and sharing some best practices to offering tailored guidance and suggestions for your marketplace challenges, the session will foster an interactive discussion to bring you a step closer to cloud success. Be it technical in nature or a business query, all your concerns will be addressed. Register for this session

10-Step Master Class on Microsoft Partner Center by The Partner Masters 

This exclusive masterclass can help you lay a robust foundation for building Microsoft Partnerships with the Microsoft Partner Center. Learn how to create a profitable Microsoft Partnership to leverage opportunities for co-selling, upselling/ cross-selling with customer insights and much more. Get pointed actions for marketplace growth. Register for this session

Activate multiparty private offers: Guidance for ISVs and SaaS providers 

In this session, you will discover effective strategies for leveraging Microsoft’s wide network of partners to sell your SaaS solution directly through the marketplace. The main focus will be on utilizing multiparty private offers to efficiently expand your customer base by leveraging partner connections. Additionally, you will explore how this approach streamlines the sales process, simplifying your efforts to reach and engage with new customers. Join this session to learn valuable insights and techniques to maximize your sales potential in the marketplace. Register for this session

Get listed on marketplace to accelerate growth​ 

Explore how cloud marketplaces have become increasingly popular as the go-to channel for customers to procure SaaS and cloud-based solutions. In this session, you will discover the benefits of embracing the marketplace as a key component of your sales and marketing strategy. You will learn how to get activated to sell through the marketplace and gain access to valuable resources that will assist you in building a successful cloud go-to-market strategy. Register for this session

Land enterprise deals and co-sell through the marketplace 

Expand your business and co-sell with us—through the Microsoft commercial marketplace.  Discover how you can grow your business by co-selling with Microsoft through the Microsoft commercial marketplace. In this session, you will learn how the Microsoft commercial marketplace can empower your sales and marketing teams by leveraging the expertise of over 35,000 field sellers. Explore how to utilize the latest marketplace features and improvements, including multi-year SaaS options, private offers, Azure consumption commitments, and more for enterprise deals. Register for this session

The marketplace roadmap: Innovation and opportunities ahead 

In this deep dive session, learn how to unleash the full potential of your SaaS and cloud-based solutions in the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Join engineering leads as they present the latest and upcoming features designed to support your journey of connecting with customers on a global scale. Gain insights into how these features can help expand your customer reach, streamline sales processes, and drive growth for your business. Register for this session

Innovate with the Microsoft Cloud and get support with ISV Success 

This session will explore how ISV Success can be a game-changer for your business in the rapidly growing SaaS and “anything-as-a-service” market. As more customers embrace the cloud, the demand for innovative solutions is higher than ever. Discover how ISV Success is specifically designed to support partners like you in building with the Microsoft Cloud and reaching a wider customer base through the commercial marketplace. Learn about the range of benefits offered by ISV Success and gain insights into how it can drive the growth of your SaaS business. Register for this session

Azure for Operators and ISVs – Enabling Modern Connected Applications 

Explore how Azure ISV partners and 5G are at the forefront of building and delivering modern connected apps. Learn about our comprehensive ISV programs designed to enable speed to market and co-selling opportunities, while providing technical resources for seamless compatibility and integration with Azure. Discover how Azure ISV partners and 5G are empowering organizations to unlock new insights, drive innovation, and stay competitive in the digital era. Register for this sessionAre you all set and excited for Microsoft Inspire 2023? Whether you are a startup or an enterprise ISV, attending this largest partner event by Microsoft is a must. The conference will give you all the insights you need and SaaSify will help you get started. Book a personalized demo with our marketplace experts to accelerate the pace of listing, transacting and scaling Microsoft marketplace growth!

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