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5 ways transactable offers create better customer experience

transactable offers
As an ISV, you can choose to make your offers Contact Me or Transactable offers. Put simply, you can either redirect your customers to share their interest in the offer, or enable them to transact or get the offer immediately, while paying through the marketplace. While contact me offers, give you a chance to connect with customers, chances are you might lose on many deals because customers want an immediate solution.  

Transactable offers for better customer experience. 

Transactable offers tend to be more attractive for most ISVs. Undoubtedly, they help secure revenue faster and even close bigger deals. They also help ISVs create a better customer experience in multiple ways. And, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Furthermore, 81% of organizations cite CX as a competitive differentiator. If you look closely, the inability to publish transactable offers might push your customers towards your competitors, leading to a declining pipeline. This article will elaborate on how transactable offers can help you ensure a pronounced customer experience facilitating greater retention and stickiness.  

Speed: Faster solution procurement 

Customers desire speed of action and execution. For any customer, one of the key tenets for choosing a vendor is how quickly they can come up with a solution for their problem. Invariably, positive customer experience thus, requires ISVs to facilitate faster solution delivery. When you have a transactable offer, your customers can easily get access to your SaaS product with just a few clicks, without the need to wait for days or even hours before they hear back from you. Therefore, your customer experience gets raised a notch because the end users are able to receive instant gratification to address their expectations and needs.  

Self service: Increased operational efficiency 

A related customer experience benefit for transactable offers is the ease of use. Operationally, transactable offers add a lot of efficiency to how your customers work and procure solutions. In the absence of a transactable offer, customers have to engage with ISVs, negotiate pricing, undertake other formalities and contracting. This is generally operationally heavy and requires a lot of additional bandwidth from the customer’s side. Put simply, transactable offers facilitate self service for customers which positively impacts their experience. Research shows that 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. Transactable offers facilitate high levels of efficiency by significantly reducing the energy and resources spent in the repetitive back and forth. 

Financial prudence: Pre-committed budget utilization 

The best way to improve customer experience is to help your customers save money. As an ISV, when you publish a transactable offer, you allow your customers to utilize their pre-committed spends on Azure marketplace, AWS marketplace and GCP marketplace. Many customers have long standing contracts with cloud marketplaces which they can use to purchase transactable offers. By providing them with an opportunity to do the same, you provide a great customer experience. This happens because with transactable offers they are able to use funds allocated already and don’t need new approvals to engage with you. On the one hand, it is operationally more streamlined. On the other hand, it makes financial sense as overall they don’t have to stretch their budgets beyond what is spent already.  

Trust: Streamlined due diligence 

Trust is a core tenet of customer experience irrespective of the industry. With transactable offers, ISVs can help build greater trust for most customers. Since transactable offers are routed through Azure marketplace, AWS marketplace and GCP marketplace, there is a strong trust profile about their genuinity. There are several facets to this.  First, when you publish a transactable offer through the marketplace, you are able to showcase your security posture by highlighting your badges and other certifications. Your customers don’t have to go through the due diligence process separately. Second, since their payment is also through the cloud marketplace i.e. Azure marketplace, AWS marketplace and GCP marketplace, there is higher confidence and trust, especially for the first transaction. Therefore, with greater trust you can facilitate better customer experience.  

Agility: Scale up and down at convenience 

Finally, a very important element of great customer experience is flexibility, agility and convenience. Transactbale offers allow your customers to easily add more licenses or reduce licenses as and when the need arises. This suggests that transactable offers make scalability very convenient and easy for customers. Furthermore, research shows that 43% of consumers would pay more for greater convenience. They don’t have to wait for interactions to scale up and down as needed. This convenience and comfort provides customers with a pleasant experience, making them repeat customers with high levels of stickiness and retention.  

Make your offers transactable with SaaSify 

Overall, it is quite clear that a great customer experience makes a robust case for introducing transactable offers for your SaaS solution. This is your chance to create a purchase experience that your customers don’t forget, because it ensures speed, operational efficiency, financial benefits, trust and agility.  If you want to create an unforgettable customer experience, you should get started with transactable offers immediately. To take the first step successfully, partner with SaaSify and let our zero engineering platform do all the heavy lifting for you. SaaSify helps you with: 
  • Publishing transactable offers within a week with no code functionalities  
  • Advanced integrations and APIs required for technical configuration on Azure marketplace, AWS marketplace and GCP marketplace, respectively 
  • Three SKUs to customize offers for your customers 
  • White glove onboarding to help your teams understand the transact model
  • Consultation and guidance on pricing strategy to ensure the best commercial model for marketplace transactions
  • Unlimited listing for multiple transactable offers
  • Advanced and comprehensive reporting on how your customers are making purchases to facilitate repeat sales 
To know more on how you can leverage SaaSify to benefit from transactable offers to create a pleasant customer experience, book a demo today. Our marketplace experts can gauge the customer pulse and help you create transactable offers that guarantee success.  

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