How SaaSify Supports SaaS Enablement for Successful ISVs?

As an ISV with a SaaS product, you would by now understand the benefits of SaaS solutions for your sales. The benefits significantly outweigh the investments and efforts required. However, if you are new to cloud marketplaces, you might have to face resistance from your teams about new work and might feel overwhelmed with a lot that needs to be taken care of. Here, a SaaS enablement platform like SaaSify can help you with all the support you need to prepare your product, team, etc. to reach the cloud marketplaces seamlessly.  

How SaaSify supports SaaS enablement? 

If you look closely, SaaS enablement is all about ensuring that a SaaS solution is able to successfully operate in cloud marketplaces. For ISVs, it refers to the support they need to publish their offers and start selling in the cloud marketplace of their choice. As a SaaS enablement platform, SaaSify brings several capabilities and features that you can leverage to grow your marketplace sales exponentially.  

How to create SaaS to reach customers superfast? 

You can significantly reduce the time you take to reach your customers with SaaS enablement. If you engage in the process of preparing your SaaS product for the cloud marketplaces, you might need to make several engineering changes which can take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months. However, SaaSify’s zero engineering platform can help you reach your customers at a superfast speed. Most of the ISVs we have worked with in the past have been able to publish their offers within a week. Reaching customers fast translates to quicker sales and revenue realization.  

How to build a SaaS platform with white glove onboarding?

When you start selling through the marketplaces, there is a lot of knowledge transfer that is needed to help your team members come up the curve. SaaSify provides a white globe onboarding experience to help your team members with all the necessary information about the marketplaces, key terminologies, how to edit offers once published, etc. In addition, there is significant listing support with AMI development, CFT template development, etc. Put simply, SaaSify ensures that all your team members are on the same and the right page of the onboarding process.  

How to give instant brand recall with enablement SaaS?

When you first reach the marketplace with any SaaS enablement partner, you need to make sure that it’s your brand that stands out. That’s where a white labeled solution like SaaSify can make an impact. SaaSify enables you to use your domain name, logo, tailor made templates, etc. while leveraging its platform to publish your offers. While you use our tech expertise and state of the art features, what the audience sees is just your brand. This ensures brand recall and helps get repeat customers.  

How to communicate powerfully? 

Communicating effectively with your existing and potential customers in the cloud marketplaces is integral to business success. However, if you have to manage communication across different platforms and dashboards, it can be an administrative nightmare, where some threads might just get lost. Fortunately, with SaaSify as your SaaS enablement partner, you can manage all your customers from a single dashboard. Be it providing customized quotations or providing customer support, you can rely on SaaSify to ensure that there is no communication gap.   

How to manage offers seamlessly? 

Selling in the marketplace is all about managing your offers effectively once you publish them. There are several forces at play here, you might want to create special private offers for some customers based on your understanding, there might be some custom subscriptions that you want to add, or you may want to bill your customers based on different usage meters. All these can be technically as well as administratively overwhelming, if you try to do everything on your own.  However, as a SaaS enablement platform, SaaSify takes care of end to end offer management and even provides a quote to cash feature in which our marketplace experts will create relevant offers for you which you can just approve with one click. That’s not all, we help you create transactable offers and convert your contact me ones as well to help you make instant sales.  

How to get subscription lifecycle management support? 

Once you sell your offer to a customer, managing the subscription through the various lifecycle stages is all your responsibility. However, you may find yourself pulled between acquiring new customers and managing the subscription lifecycle. While you focus on business development efforts, you can rely on SaaSify end-to-end lifecycle management of purchases, for customer-initiated PAYG / public offers or pre-negotiated private offers with reference from your internal systems. Furthermore, you can easily integrate manual provisioning of SaaS enablement services by operations team with notifications through email or integrations. 

How to access insights with smart reporting? 

Whenever a customer lands on your marketplace listing, they observe and engage with several options and all available before they finally transact the offer or request for free trial, contact me, etc.  Every move that the customer makes once they land on your listing reflects their marketplace purchase behavior. There are key insights hidden in the way they navigate your listing, which can help you customize the experience for them. As a SaaS enablement platform, SaaSify has an in-built data tracking which captures every move your customers make after reaching your offer.  Armed with this data, you can get unparalleled customer insights to make intelligent business decisions. For instance, if a customer stays on your listing for long actively, but doesn’t engage with any options, it could be that they are having a hard time navigating the listing and you need to work on your UX. Furthermore, based on their historical trends, SaaSify can also provide you with insights on their payments, transactions, etc. to help you be prepared.  

How to get started with SaaSify? 

You can get started with SaaSify before you can finish saying cloud marketplaces, that’s how agile and easy it is to get SaaSify as your SaaS enablement partner. All you need to do is get in touch with our marketplace experts and we will take care of the rest. Get, Set, SaaSify!

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