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Everything you need to know about Private
Offers in Azure Marketplace

29th Nov 2022, Tuesday

9:00 AM

Azure in Marketplace

About Webinar

Be a part of our upcoming webinar if you want to start your journey on Azure marketplace with Private Offers to get experts insights, hacks and best practices.  

Do you have specific customers who you want to give some special discounts when selling through Azure Marketplace? Private Offers is the answer for you! 

As an ISV, you might have some customers who want a large number of subscriptions or volume of your product and in return you might want to have some special considerations for them. For instance, you might want to have special terms, conditions, discounted pricing or payment schedules. At the same time, some customers might want something more than your regular offer, willing to pay a premium for the additional services. There, you might want to drive your price up from what you are offering to the public in general. In either of the cases, you wouldn’t want to change the offer which is visible to everyone else, right? 

Well, that’s why Azure marketplace allows you to create Public and Private Offers. In Private Offers, you can set specific terms, pricing and other customized conditions for a specific customer and share that offer only with them. It is a Private deal between you, an ISV, and the customer, based on mutually agreed terms.  

Private Offers are a way for you to personalize your offerings for your customers based on their needs to create an enriching purchase experience. It unlocks the potential for you to serve your closest or most loyal customers in the way you want and provide them with favorable terms for recurring and long term business. You can either turn your existing offers into Private Offers or create new ones from scratch. With Private Offers, you can increase your chances of improving customer stickiness and also facilitate higher customer acquisition.  

As a SaaS enabler for marketplaces, we have published 1000+ Private Offers for our customers across the globe, helping them take advantage of this capability in Azure Marketplace. We understand that publishing Private Offers can be overwhelming, especially, if you are doing it for the first time. To get the pressure off your back, we have a knowledge session in store for you.  

Join us as we take you through in detail about the Private Offer journey on Azure Marketplace and how it can help you scale your revenue exponentially. 

During the session, we will discuss: 

  • What are Private Offers and what they mean for ISVs 
  • The rationale behind introducing Private Offers in Azure Marketplace 
  • The difference between Public and Private Offers and ideal situations to deploy them 
  • Steps to create your first Private Offer and how to create an exemplary purchase experience 
  • How SaaSify can help you publish Private Offers within a week 

Duration: 30 minutes

Date: 29th Nov 2022,

Time: 9:00 AM, PST

The webinar is a thoughtfully curated playbook to help you understand everything you need to know about Private Offers in Azure Marketplace. Don’t forget to tune in to accelerate your marketplace success. 

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