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Benefits of Creating Transactable
Listing for your SaaS Offers

20th Oct 2022, Thursday

9:00 AM

SaaS offers

About Webinar

Join us for our upcoming technical session to explore how creating a Transactable Listing for your SaaS offers can help you boost your business growth exponentially.  

 If you want to sell directly through cloud marketplaces, achieve a shorter sales cycle and realize revenue quickly, then Transactable Listing is your go to solution! 

As an ISV, you can choose multiple listing options for your SaaS offers, including Free Trial, Test Drive, Contact Me and Get It Now. While the first two give your customers a feel of your offering, the latter two are which yield business and revenue. For a long time, ISVs have been using cloud marketplaces as lead generation platforms by creating Contact Me listings. There were several reasons for the same, high store fee for each transaction cost, conservative customer attitude and limited cloud adoption.  

However, in recent times, with an increase in cloud adoption, customers are preferring purchasing SaaS offers through the cloud marketplaces to avoid management of multiple vendors and other hassles. Furthermore, leaders in cloud marketplaces like Azure, AWS, etc. have also significantly reduced the store fee for every transaction. Thus, Get It Now or Transactable Listings are what you need to publish to generate maximum business. There are several benefits of creating Transactable Listing, including: 

  • Reduced store fee to 3% for each transaction, enabling ISVs to capture a greater share of the revenue 
  • Potential to capitalize on the pre-committed credits in Cloud Marketplaces by existing and new customers  
  • Faster sales cycle and quicker revenue realization, where tax is collected and remitted by marketplace vendors  

You may be losing out on business if your offers are not immediately transactable and you can break the chain easily. Cloud marketplaces allow you to convert an existing Contact Me offer to Transactable as well as create new ones from scratch. However, as a SaaS enabler, we understand that both these moves require technical expertise, which might be overwhelming in the beginning.  

As an expert with experience of publishing 1000+ transactable offers, we bring to you a comprehensive knowledge session on Transactable Listing for your SaaS Offers. During the sessions, we will share: 

  • What are Transactable Listings? 
  • The benefits of Transactable Listings for ISVs 
  • How can ISVs create Transactable Listing in Cloud marketplaces? 
  • How to capitalize on pre-committed spends and secure long-term contracts with Transactable Offers? 

Duration: 30 minutes

Date: 20th Oct 2022,

Time: 9:00 AM, PST

The webinar can help you create a case for publishing Transactable Offers and guide you on how to best achieve success with them. Don’t forget to tune in to accelerate your marketplace revenue.   

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