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Live Webinar- Grow your SaaS Business through Azure Marketplace

Grow your SaaS Business through Azure Marketplace – 26th Aug 2021

Join our webinar to learn about how to convert your Contact Me offers to transactable offers. 

There’s a BIG opportunity for your business with Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Here’s a fact: You are missing out on a lot of business if you’re not selling immediately deployable offers on Azure Marketplace. Microsoft is investing heavily in its partner ecosystem, making it marketplace the BEST go to market channel for ISVs and SaaS companies.
Selling transactable offers on Azure gives your business global exposure as millions of companies are buying from Microsoft and more and more are flocking towards it.
Not only that, but multiple partner benefits also await, which include co-selling opportunities, all round support, social promotion, lead generation and various rewards.
We @SaaSify have published over 100 transactable offers on marketplace and here is what we’ve discovered: 

  • Azure Marketplace is Walmart for software products! The buying convenience is unlike anything before. 
  • Immediately transactable offers get more traction when compared to non-deployable offers

“Contact Me” offers are often ignored because decision makers do not have that kind of free time at hand. It is the era of “buy now.” The more effortless the buying experience, the more customers you’ll gain and retain.

  • Transactable offers reduce operational costs. 

Enterprises have witnessed multifold revenue growth without having to spend on streamlining operations. Leave it all on Azure to manage.
We’re hosting this online seminar to help you build your Azure presence and get the best out of it! 
You’ll learn:

  • All the benefits that await you at Azure
  • How to efficiently publish transactable offers
  • All technical resources required
  • Or just do it with SaaSify — and publish in a day!

Aug 26th, 2021, 10.00AM to 10.45AM PT. (GMT-07.00)
See you there : )


NOTICE TO ALL PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES – Federal [including Military], State, Local, and Public Education. This is a Microsoft partner event. Should items of value be disbursed to event participants, these items will be available at no charge to attendees. Please check with your ethics counsel before accepting items of value. All Services shall be treated as Microsoft Confidential Information unless otherwise designated by Microsoft. The supplier will not highlight competitive solutions as part of the events.”

Our Host

Manesh Raveendran

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spektra Systems

Amit Malik

Chief Technology Officer, Spektra Systems

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